Les, "Captain Wrongway" Williams

Born:  June 4, 1929 - Died:  June 5, 2005

Pictured above left to right. Jeff (Bonzo) Brennan, unknown client, Capt.. Wrongway, Lyal Randall, unknown client. I am figuring the big walleye in the middle is 10 plus pounds.

A great friend of mine (centered in the above picture) and many fisher people in the Garrison and Minot area, passed away on Sunday June 5, 2005. One day after he turned 76 years old.

 Les is credited for starting the walleye guide business in the Garrison area and did guide walleye anglers for 25 years. Les fished 28 years of Governors Cup Walleye Derby's except the 2004 when he was not feeling well enough to fish it. Everything Les did he did well. He could pitch a baseball in his younger years, he was an excellent bowler with many perfect 300 games to his credit and man could he fish.

Les, I will not forget all the years of drinking coffee, sharing tales, fixing the woes of this world, all the laughs and even some tears that we shared. I will remember you whenever I set the hook on a fish whatever it is. I hope where ever it is you are the bite is on and you can't keep up with the action.

I will not forget the fishing trips we had. Jigging saugers in early spring. Catching walleyes way up in Stienke Bay where we now hunt deer. Having you on the ice jigging with your summer rods. Getting you all tanked up on 3 beers (you were a cheap date) and hearing you do the train whistle.

I will not forget all the fish fries we shared. The fried walleye filets hanging out of your pocket and how much you loved to eat the fish we loved to catch.

I will not forget.

The Captain doing what he did best. Running to the next 10 lb hole!

Here is Les and unknown clients (top & bottom) with some real nice fish.