A)A parent or guardian must accompany any applicant under the age of 18.
B)Anyone caught breaking the rules or caught cheating in any way will be disqualified from this tournament and any future FALL CLASSIC Tournaments, they will also have any possible legal charges brought against them and all entry fees will be forfeited.


A)Due to predicted low water levels in 2003 and the potential for restricted access, the ND Game & Fish reserves the right to cancel a tournament due to a potential undue congestion and conflict, on available ramps with a 2 weeks notice. Full refunds will be issued.

B)Each contestant must possess a valid North Dakota fishing license.

C)The Tournament Committee reserves the right to refuse entry to the tournament to any individual.

D)The Tournament Committee has the final say in any dispute.

E)Contestant’s signatures on the application are a release of all liabilities to the Tournament Committee, sponsors, organizers and volunteers. The organizers, sponsors or volunteers are not responsible for death, injury, damage, liability, theft, fire or any other loss to any entrant or volunteer.

F)All U.S. Coast Guard and North Dakota fishing rules and regulations will be followed. Any violation may result in disqualification.

G)Each entrant is required to have a U.S. Coast Guard approved personal floatation device (PFD). PFD must be worn whenever boat is on plane.

H)Kill switch lanyard must be used whenever boat is on plane.

I)All contestant boats are required to have liability insurance.

3.Entry Fee And Registration

A)All teams must submit a $200.00 deposit with entry application and proof of insurance. The full amount of $650.00 will also be accepted with application if you desire. Deposit and app must be postmarked before May 1, 2003.

B)All teams must have their entry balance paid by August 15, 2003. 

C)Tournament will be filled on a first come-first served basis.

D)Entry fees can be paid by cashiers check, money order or personal check only, credit cards will not be accepted.

E)There is a non-refundable $30.00 penalty for late deposits and applications. 

F)All teams must register and attend the rules meeting to be held on Thursday September 18, 2003 at 7:00 p.m. Failure to register by 9:00 p.m. will constitute disqualification and loss of your entry fees.


A)Only walleye, sauger and saugeye will be weighed at weigh in.

B)Only fish caught on a hook and line and in a usual manner will be weighed.

C)This is a “NO CULL” state and you will not cull in this tournament. You will be disqualified if you are caught and all entry fees will be forfeited.

D)The daily limit is 10 fish. Each day you will weigh 5 fish only of your choice (no carry-over). You must stop fishing when you put your 10th fish in the livewell and you must PROCEED DIRECTLY TO LAUNCH SITE.

E)Each contestant is allowed to fish with 2 rods at a time. Extra rods and equipment is allowed in the boat.

F)Live and artificial baits are allowed. Electronic attracting devices are not.

G)The tournament is a CATCH AND RELEASE tournament. 

H)Tournament officials will check your fish by bumping them.

I)For each releasable fish there will be a 2 tenths of a pound bonus for that fish, this rule includes the big fish award.

J)Any fish mangled or altered in any way will be weighed at the discretion of the weigh master. His decision is final!

K)No contestant will solicit or receive fishing information from non-participating anglers or other teams during the tournament fishing hours.

L)Tournament boats may not touch each other during tournament hours. Patrol boats will be permitted to touch and board a tournament boat at any time. Refusing to be boarded and inspected will result in disqualification.

M)No contestant is permitted to leave his or her boat at anytime during tournament hours for any reason unless you return to the launch site and you are escorted by a tournament official. (Exception, if you need to seek shelter from a lightning storm).

5.Boats And Equipment

A)All tournament and patrol boats will be required to meet U.S. Coast Guard safety regulations.

B)Marine band radios are required.

C)We strongly urge all contestants to bleach their boats, live wells and bilge areas before you start pre-fishing to eliminate the introduction of unwanted aquatic species to our lake.

D)No stringers or baskets can be used for fish confinement.

E)Cell phones can be used for emergency only to call a tournament official.

F)IN CASE OF BREAKDOWN. You must make contact with a patrol boat by means of your radio or cell phone. State your position and problem. A patrol boat will find you and assist you. NO OTHER TOURNAMENT BOAT CAN HELP YOU; IF THEY DO BOTH TEAMS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

G)All tournament boats are subject to inspection by a committee member.


G)All tournament boats are subject to inspection by a committee member.
6.Tournament Hours And Starting Procedures
A)Tournament hours will be 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day. (Please see weigh in procedures).

B)All tournament boats have to launch from the Ft. Stevenson Ramp. No boats can come by water to the launch.

C)Contestants will leave the bay area in order by boat number. On day two the order will be reversed.

D)If a day is cancelled due to weather, Sunday will be designated as a “make up day”. If 2 days are cancelled and Sunday is used the winners will be decided by one days catch.

7.Tournament Boundaries

A)Tournament teams may not fish west of the boundaries during tournament hours.

B)Fishing will be permitted in an area east of the west point of Nishu Bay and east of the west point of Beaver Bay stretching east to the Garrison Dam and Highway 83 on the eastern boundary. This area does include the inner bays of Nishu and Beaver.

C)Tournament teams may not cross the imaginary line stretching south from the west points of Nishu to the west point of Beaver Bay during tournament hours.

8.Weigh In

A)Check in procedures are as follows, team #1-65 will have to be in by 3:00 p.m., team #66-130 will have to be in by 4:00 p.m. The order will be reversed on day 2.

B)1 person from each team is responsible for their days catch. No one else other than the team member can handle or touch the catch until after it has been presented to the weigh in officials at the scale.

C)A team member will accompany the catch to the scale, sign the scale ticket and receive a copy.

D)All teams must check in on time at the end of the day whether or not they have fish to weigh.

E)Any team coming in 1 to 5 minutes late will forfeit 50% of that day’s total catch. This rule includes the BIG FISH. Any team later than 6 minutes will forfeit total weight for the day including BIG FISH.

9.Boat Identification And Patrolling

A)Teams will be assigned a number as entries come in.

B)A decal may be provided to adhere to the port (left side) of boat for identification.

C)Patrol boats may or may not be marked, but will display an orange flag when approaching a tournament boat.


A)Prizes will be based on total pounds for the 2-day (1 if there is a blow day) event.

B)Unreleasable fish will be donated to the tournament committee. All other fish will be released back to Lake Sakakawea.

C)Prizes will be awarded on a team basis.

D)The tiebreaker will be the heaviest catch on day 2 of the tournament. If a 1-day tournament results the tiebreaker will be the team with the heaviest single fish.

E)Prizes will be awarded at the end of the weigh in on the final day.

F)The tournament committee retains the right to give polygraph tests to the winners if deemed necessary.

G)All cash payouts are based on 130 paid entries.

H)Sponsors, contributors or any other interested party, may offer contingency prizes. Those offering the prize will stipulate rules on how they will be offered.


A)Any contestant has the right to file a protest against another contestant.

B)The protester must obtain a protest form and present it to the tournament chairperson within 1 hour of close of the fishing day.

C)A $250.00 protest fee must accompany the protest form. The fee will be returned if protest is found to be valid by the protest committee. If protest is found invalid the fee will not be returned to protester.


A)Direct all question or problems to the tournament committee.

B)If a team member drops out before the tournament, the other team member can replace them. The tournament chairperson must be notified and the chairperson must approve it before the tournament begins.

C)If an entire team drops out, the place may, at the option of the tournament committee be filled.

D)No refunds will be granted except upon proof of death in the team’s immediate family. If a refund is given it will be for $400.00 only. The total amount less the deposit and big fish pot.



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