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November 11, 2005

Brother Jeff and I with a nice limit of walleyes caught at Deepwater Bay. The smallest is 18 inches to the biggest being 23.

This 26.5 was released early in the morning on Sheep Island.

This 28.5 was released later in the day on the west end of Shell Island.

Jeff caught and released a 25 incher but we failed to take pics of it. But here is a nice picture of Robert Miller, Dennis Jeffrey and Dennis's grandson Matthew. Robert caught his personal best and released it for you to catch some day. The fish weighed 9lbs with a digital scale and was 29 inches long. Yes Robert does have a perma-smile. He said he has fished 12 years for a fish like this.

Congrats Robert!!!!

October 29, 2005

Will and Dave with a nice limit of walleye 20 to 23 inches. Jigged on Sheep Island at Deepwater Bay.

October 26, 2005

My uncle Jake and I fished Deepwater and caught another limit of nice fish ranging from 15 to 24 inches. Also caught and released this nice 27 1/2 incher.

October 24, 2005

Chet, Dale and Don with some real nice fish. Fish ranged 20 to 28.5 inches which was caught by Dale and is his personal best to date. Chet caught his 1st walleye ever and Don caught and released a 28 incher, his personal best to date. The fished Deepwater using jigs tipped with minnows.

October 23, 2005

Dale and Kathy and I limited out. Fished Deepwater, jigs tipped with minnows.


October 22, 2005

Dale, Kathy and I with a limit of nice walleyes. Fished Deepwater using jigs tipped with minnows.

Here is Dale releasing a nice 28 incher. You go Tony!

Dale with another released 26 incher.

Dale with a 26 1/2 incher that was released.

Kathy with a huge 28 1/2 that she released happily. It was her personal best so far. The fish weighed 8lbs 3ozs and was tagged. What a trophy. You go girl.

October 20, 2005

Jeff was on the right end of the boat today boy, I am here to tell ya. He started out with a 25, than got a 26, than topped the day off with a 28 1/2 incher, his best so far.

October 19, 2005

Jeff and I had a great day on the water. Started out front of Deepwater Bay on Sheep Island. 1st fish in the boat was a great 25 incher that I released.

We than went to Shell Island and the first fish caught and released was a nice 27 incher by Jeff.

Not 5 minutes later I popped this 28 incher and released her to fight another day.

September 30, 2005

My dear friend Nicole and I got away to do a little fishing. The weather sucked but it was nice to be away doing what I love to do, fish! We caught these fish than stopped at Clayton's Scenic 23 for a great meal and socializing.


Zach Dietrich / Minot ND

On May 29th, Zach and a friend caught some nice Largemouth Bass on Nelson. The biggest one was 5lb 5oz and 21 1/4 inches long. They were casting tube baits.

Richard Thompson / Homer Nebraska

This is Richards biggest pike so far. He traveled along way for a trophy, it's just a little short. The fish measured 40 inches and weighed 18.04 pounds. He caught it on the north shore of Lake Sakakawea on Wednesday April 6, 2005.

Brandon Schieve / Minot ND

Brandon's first fish of the day. He caught this fish on Easter Monday, March, 28th. The pike weighed 20.18 lbs and measured 40.5 inches. He caught the big girl in Centennial Bay. Congrats Brandon.


Brian Braasch / Joel Kelly of Minot

Caught March 17, 2005. This pike was 46.5 inches in length and weighed an even 25 lbs. It took teamwork to land this one through the ice. They caught 4 other fish this day and missed 3 more. Nice fish!!!!

Jeff Gieser / Sean McRandall both of Garrison

 Caught these nice fish on Audubon Feb 28, 2005. The walleyes were 19 to 21 inches. They were fishing in a back bay in 5 to 12 feet of water.


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